About Arkz Beats

Established in 2017, Arkz Beats is a music producer based in England, United Kingdom. From early, Arkz had a strong passion for music and was led down the path of becoming a music producer. Pursuing the dream of making big hits that would reach the main radio stations and charts. Arkz Beats has made a name for himself in the industry working with top UK rappers. For example, Arkz has worked with the likes of Fredo, Giggs, RA, Ghetts and more with tracks reaching millions of views/streams respectfully.

His mission is to help provide artists with a new unique style of beats to write to. Arkz wants to make his mark by working with artists to create a lane in the industry of a new producer sound. Therefore Arkz focuses on making beats with a production style that uses vocal chop sampling as a big inspiration. Arkz Beats reflects this within his music because most tracks contain some form of prominent, catchy, processed vocal chop melodies. Which are accompanied by hard-hitting and percussive drums.


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