Frequently Asked Questions

To help with any questions you may have about licensing beats, browse through our FAQs section below to find all the answers to our most frequently asked questions at Arkz Beats.

Lease rights allow you to use the beat for a limited number of commercial or non-commercial purposes, typically specified in the license agreement. However,  exclusive rights  on the other hand, grant you full ownership of the beat, and you can use it without limitations.

Yes, in most cases, you can use leased beats for commercial purposes, but the specific terms may vary depending on the license agreement. Therefore it is important to always read the license carefully to understand your rights and limitations.

Yes, crediting the producer is a common requirement when using rap beats, especially if you’re using the beat for commercial purposes. Always check the license agreement for the exact crediting guidelines.

No, you cannot resell the rap beat itself unless you have exclusive rights to it. The producer retains ownership and copyright of the beat, even if you purchase a lease license.

Refund policies may vary among different producers and platforms. Some may offer refunds if you encounter technical issues with the beat or mistakenly make a duplicate purchase. However, most sales are considered final, especially if you’ve downloaded the beat.

If you purchased an exclusive rights license, you have complete ownership and control over the beat, and you can collaborate with other artists without restrictions. However, if you have a lease license, you may need to check the license terms to see if collaborations are allowed.

If multiple artists purchase exclusive rights to the same beat, the producer will no longer offer the beat for sale to other customers. Each artist will have exclusive ownership of the beat and can use it without limitations.

Copyright claims on your song might occur if the rap beat you purchased has been used by multiple artists. Unfortunately, most producers are not responsible for any copyright claims on your final work. It is essential to choose unique beats or opt for exclusive rights to avoid such issues.

When choosing a beat producer, consider factors such as their reputation, customer reviews, the quality of their beats, and the clarity of their licensing terms. Look for producers who are responsive to inquiries and provide excellent customer support.

A non-exclusive beat is a type of license that allows you to use the beat, but it may continue to be sold to other artists. A lease license, on the other hand, provides more specific usage rights and limitations, allowing you to use the beat for a defined number of projects or streams.

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